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Morocco - Technical Cooperation  E-mail
Project goal – anticipated outcome
Cooperation between two mutual socities, MGEN (France) and MGPAP (Morocco)
To set up twinning with medical centres
Project - French-Speaking Africa  E-mail

Project goal – anticipated outcome

The CSFEF is seeking to include the establishment of mutual societies in its programme of work and raise awareness among the trade unions at a training meeting in Ouagadougou on the concept of mutual societies. The project was presented at the CONFEMEN conference.

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Ivory Cost - Twinned Institutions  E-mail

Project goal – anticipated outcome

To twin Mgen and Mugef Côte-d’Ivoire institutions with a view to encouraging an exchange of good practice and increasing the skill base and expertise of both organisations.


Twinning should promote human values and encourage a culture of openness and solidarity between health centre members. It will help to bring healthcare organisations in our two countries together and develop common approaches to healthcare problems.

An agreement should also be drawn up for the twinning initiative signed by both parties and the President of the Network.

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Burkina - Setting up a Teacher Mutual Society  E-mail

Project goal – anticipated outcome

To set up a mutual society for all teachers in Burkina in addition to health insurance implemented at national level.


A steering committee has been set up in the presence of government representatives, social security chiefs and mutual societies.  

3 teachers from Burkina have been released for 18 months for this project.

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