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Newsletter 2010.3

The Network’s Executive Board endorses an ambitious work plan


At the EB on 3 November last, the Network’s main areas of activities were endorsed and new directions for its work traced out with a view to the General Assembly of 20 July 2011 in Cape Town (South Africa).

Among the key themes discussed at the EB, social protection education featured prominently, with a video message from Mr.  MURRO, President of the Social Security Fund of Uruguay, while Mr. Martin GOMEZ, head of training at the Inter-American Center for Social Security Studies (CIESS) took part in the discussion.  The Network decided to take part in educational and awareness-raising activities aimed at developing a “social protection culture” among the younger generations. The meeting also confirmed the wish to work with Education International unions on a resolution aimed at securing the political commitment of all trade unions of education professionals to social protection education, training and advocacy campaigns.


Twelve other projects were examined, including a new field of work that concerns the exchange of good practices, experiences and knowledge on the occupational health of education professionals.


The EB also prepared for the General Assembly of 20 July 2011, which will be an opportunity to adopt some changes to the statutes and to elect the Executive Board members, after the transitional period of 2009-2010, in accordance with the wishes of the May 2009 Constituent Assembly.



The Network as an active and recognised partner on questions of solidarity-based social protection!

The Network played an active part in the rich array of events that took place in November.


The Network’s President and Managing Director took part in the  United Nations Inter-Agency Social Protection Meeting held in Geneva on 22 and 23 November.  This very important meeting that set out the guidelines for work on the “Social Protection Floor” initiative was attended by Mrs.  BACHELET, former President of the Republic of Chile, and chair of the Consultative Working Group on the Social Protection Floor, as well as Martin HIRSCHA, also a member of the working group.  The Network presented its activities and stressed the importance of training and education to involve civil society in the extension of social protection and in the long term to create a real social protection culture.  The Network will take part in the follow-up activities on the strategy for training and education for social protection. 



The Network took part in the Education International African Regional Conference during which there was a workshop on social protection and the essential role of teachers and their trade union organisations in ensuring that it is developed under the right conditions.  The meeting was also an opportunity to assess progress with the national trade unions involved in the six projects on the creation of mutual societies, leadership training and the exchange of good practices.


Finally the Network attended the Meeting of the International Social Security Association in Cape Town.  At this important meeting, the Director of the ILO’s Social Security department confirmed the essential role of education in the success of strategies for the extension of social protection.    In parallel to the meetings, the President of the Network confirmed that the Network had signed up to the Guatemala Declaration, in the presence of Mr. PASTOR, President of the CIESS.  This statement, on the promotion of social security in the American continent,   places a strong emphasis on the importance of education and the development of a social security culture.   The Network wishes to cooperate with the CIESS on this subject, and proposed contributing to promoting and expanding the American “Social Security Week” project to other continents in future years.