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Michael Cichon (ILO) on social protection floor : "The key is the political will." PDF Imprimer Envoyer

The social protection floor begins to be a "serious business" et UN. During a news conference following a meeting at UN Commission for Social Development, Michael Cichon made some very strong and straightforward declarations on the importance of implementing the social eprotection floor initiative...and on the quite reduced cost this would represent for the World economy!


Michael Cichon first underlined what is forgotten by many policy makers in the world : social protection is part of the human rights. He then insisted on the quite reasonable amount which is to be spent to help the poorest of the populations. An effort estimated at around 2 to 4 % of GDP in the World to cover the poorest. With 4% and basic health service, he estimates we could reduce the headcount of poverty by 60%.

The next point is that this reasonable effort has a big impact on growth and economic recovery. Which is to say in helping the poorest of us, we also help ourself by giving an impetus to economic development ... at a very low cost!

Finally, Micheal Cichon explained that, as cost is very reasonable and effect on economic figures very positive, the only real problem is political will, a problem which brings us back to very plain human solidarity. He said it quite nicely, pointing out what would happen if the evident decisions are not made:

“What it means in the end, and I think we should all understand that, is that the old, the disabled, the sick and the poor are going to pay for the crisis for the next few years ... And it’s a pretty straightforward message and a pretty perturbing message”.

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