To become a member

Through its action and projects, your organisation shares the objectives of the Education and Solidarity Network?

  • A union representing education professionals
  • A mutual benefit society, a cooperative or any other form of organisation involved in the social protection of teachers and education workers
  • A university or training centre specialised in the field of health and social protection
  • An activist engaged in promoting education, health or social protection

The Education and Solidarity Network will be pleased to welcome you as a member!

Why join the Network?

By joining the Network you demonstrate your commitment to promoting solidarity-based social welfare systems and your support for our ideas and values which you share.

It also means joining an international working community striving to promote quality solidarity-based social welfare.

Finally, and above all, it is a unique opportunity to get involved in work aimed at

  • Developing and promoting solidarity-based social welfare systems for teachers and education workers themselves or for broader groups;
  • Developing education and training strategies for solidarity-based social welfare.

Your membership will enable you to:

  • Access the latest information on developments in the area of solidarity-based social welfare, existing mutual societies for teachers and education workers, current projects, upcoming training programmes and meetings
  • Share your experience with those running similar projects
  • Benefit from advice and tools based on the experience of the Network’s members and experts to enable you to successfully implement your projects for the creation of mutual societies and in the area of training, health education, etc.
  • Receive support with developing your projects and seeking funding
  • Participate in initiatives to lobby for and promote solidarity-based social welfare and healthcare.

Join us !

Membership form to be downloaded and returned to us by email.