• A Social Europe: a holy grail?
    As the European elections approach, many citizens feel like the social dimension of the EU is a holy grail. Matthias Savignac, the President of ESN, has given an interview to the newspaper Euractiv calling on the EU to take social action.
  • Education International: vibrant discussions on the development cooperation between education unions
    From 14 to 16 January 2019, thirty-eight organisations affiliated with Education International (EI) met to share their experiences and think collectively about programmes and policies regarding education union development cooperation. As David Edwards, EI secretary general, said, EI’s strength lies in its ability to foster cooperation between its members in order to realise solidarity of union members and trade union independence throughout the world.
  • “Dear Mutualist Ladies”: networking for women in Africa and Europe on the International Women Mutualists Day in Abidjan
    Ahead of International Women’s Day, more than one hundred female leaders from 12 African and European countries met in Abidjan on 5 and 6 March. This was part of the first Journée Internationale de la Femme Mutualiste, dedicated to female leadership within mutuals.
  • Launch of a platform for Risk Prevention and Quality of Working Life in the Public Sector
    The National Agency for the Improvement of Working Conditions and the MGEN group have opened a platform for those promoting health, prevention and quality of working life in the Public Sector in France. This platform gives HR managers, those advocating for prevention and social partners the resources, tools, methods and evidence to understand risk prevention issues in the public sector and to take action.
  • MGEN / Solidaris Barometer “Confidence and Wellbeing 2019”
    For the fourth consecutive year, Solidaris, in collaboration with MGEN, have surveyed francophone Belgian and French citizens in order to measure the state of the population’s wellbeing and confidence. The survey was conducted online and by telephone between September and October 2018. 1076 people were surveyed by the Solidaris Institute.
  • Joint Interview – Education support personnel from France and Quebec
    The Education and Solidarity Network spoke with two of its francophone union members, UNSA-SE (France) and FPSS-CSQ (Quebec), in order to discuss the issues and challenges relating to the recognition, health and wellbeing of the school support personnel.
  • New team in the Secretariat!
    In February, the ESN welcomed Louise Magnard, who will work with Romain Chave as project manager. Graduated in Political Science with a Master’s Degree in “Development and International Cooperation” from the Institute of Political Studies of Toulouse (France), Louise Magnard has many experiences of coordination within the areas of popular education, cultural cooperation and communication. Within the ESN Secretariat, Louise will especially supervise the Project SACHA (Educational Community...
  • Place de la Santé Europe: mutual societies campaigning for a Social Europe
    How to build a fair and solidarity-based European Union? Ahead of the European elections in May 2019, the National Federation of French Mutuals and its European partners have launched a public consultation on the theme of social Europe.
  • Gathered in Lomé, the international mutualist movement is ready to cope with 21st century challenges
    AIM organised on 22-23 January 2019 in Lomé its international conference “Investing on Mutuals for the XXIst century”. The conference gathered more than 200 African and European mutualists. The purpose of the conference was to send a strong message regarding what is needed to expand social protection in Africa.
  • The Education and Solidarity Network rallied for the International Day of Universal Health Coverage!
    On 12 December 2018, members and partners of the Education and Solidarity Network mobilise in great numbers for the International Universal Health Coverage Day (UHC Day). In its second year of participation in this international campaign for health for all, the ESN has managed to collect more than 1100 photographic testimonies from education professionals, unionists, mutualists, activists and members of associations in Africa, the Americas and Europe. In total, twenty-four ESN member or partner...