Education and Solidarity Network


Education and Solidarity Network
March 31, 2015

You are invited to join us on the occasion of the 2015 Education and Solidarity Network General  Assembly to a day of meetings and discussion on the question of health and solidarity  at school.  We will  be using collective intelligence tools to assist our  meetings, sharing of information and the emergence of a common consciousness.

These meetings on 20  July 2015 will enable us to collectively  define the work of the Network  from 2015 to  2019.  On the programme we have:

  • A morning devoted to the  subject of “health at school”: the occupational health of education professionals, the social protection and welfare of the education community  as a whole;
  • An afternoon session on “youth and solidarity” that will be organised and led by young volunteers from our  member organisations;
  • The formal General Assembly of the Education and Solidarity Network at the end of the day.

Afterwards, during the EI Congress*, the Network will have an exhibition stand and a meeting room to continue the discussions and working meetings if need be.

In order to maximise the potential of these meetings and our information sharing, the day’s programme will take its cue from collective intelligence tools : « Open Space Technology », « World Café », “Pro Action Café”…

If you  don’t know them, here are a few key words that describe these innovative working methods : openness, freedom, autonomy, responsibility, self-organisation, organised chaos, human, sharing, fun, amusing, productivity, creativity, learning, diversity, complexity, collaboration, cohesion…

You will receive details of the programme for the 20 July meetings following the board meeting on 8 April 2015.

*Reminder : this meeting will take place on the eve of the official opening of the Education International 7th World Congress.  The world’s biggest education forum, this Congress brings together over 1000 trade union delegates from the education world every four years, to define the EI’s strategies for the coming four years.  Our meetings are open to everyone present, notably as part of the EI Congress.

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