In the spotlight

Mutual insurance

The International Association of Mutual Benefit Societies (AIM), gathering not-for-profit insurance organisations from across the globe, mutual and public health insurance funds, will launch...

Education personnel
Occupational health
School health

The Education and Solidarity Network and MGEN Foundation for Public Health are launching the first edition of the International Barometer of the health and...

Trade union

The Education International’s Executive Board has adopted the Manifesto on Quality Climate Change Education for All. This instrument outlines the teaching profession’s vision for...

Social protection
Social protection education

Initiated in 2020, the working group provides an opportunity to discuss good practices between organisations realising education and awareness actions about citizenship and social...



Who are we?

The Education and Solidarity Network is an international non-profit association, created in 2009 by MGEN, Education International and the International Association of Mutual Benefit Societies, with the support of the International Labour Office.

Our Network brings together 40 civil society and social economy organizations (SSE), working in the fields of education, health and social protection, on five continents:

Mutual benefit societies
International Institutions

Our missions

The Network’s members work together globally to:

Promote the health and well-being of education communities for quality education

Expand social protection solidarity and foster a culture of social protection

Our core beliefs

Education and health are central to all aspects of human development and are interdependent
Health and well-being are prerequisites for building quality education systems
Education is key for adhering to the concept of social protection and collective coverage against life's risks.

Our founding members