Our Mission

Our network’s work is focused on two themes:

These themes are treated through an approach that promotes the mobilisation of young activists, relying heavily on facilitation tools in collective intelligence and in connection with research, particularly through to the research-action approach.

The activities are separated within three areas that reflect the triple community that represents ESN:


The objective of ESN is to share the values of solidarity, not-for-profit orientation and democracy, and to make them live on an international perspective.

“ Born from the desire to bring the key players in education and health to the same table, the range of ESN members is diverse and representative of our interdisciplinary origin: education unions, health mutual benefit societies, cooperatives, youth associations, research centres, academics and individuals. While they may have very different regulations and functioning rules, they still hold shared values: democracy and solidarity ”



The subjects at the heart of ESN’s work are:

“ We believe that members of the ESN, mutual benefit societies and unions who fight for universal access to quality education and health systems should join forces and work with other actors who support solidarity, public services, and democracy, to ensure everyone can enjoy the inalienable and sacred rights inherent to human beings”



The Network’s role focuses on connecting, facilitating and providing skills and experiences.
“ This mosaic of key players in education in health makes it possible to group topics and various fields of expertise: health promotion, school health, community mobilisation, social protection, animation, research/ action, etc. These skills serve the goals of the ESN, its members and partners.”


Members' Feedbacks

Does your organization, through its actions and projects, share the objectives of the Education and Solidarity Network?
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