Mutuality and health for all

Health, like education, is a common good. It cannot be considered as a market commodity. All health systems are or should be based on the pillars of social security, community protection, universality and solidarity.

Since the whole community wants them, health systems must make room for all of us. Information, awareness, ownership and participation in the governance of health and social protection systems guarantee systems that will be understood, accepted, defended and sustained. The mutualist model, based on solidarity and democracy, is a tool to co-invent and co-build in a process of emancipation, inclusion and sustainable development.


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For the International Universal Health Coverage Day (UHC Day), the Education and Solidarity Network (ESN) organized on 9 December 2021 an international exchange in...

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Burkina Faso has 18 million inhabitants. In 2016, GDP per capita was $640[1] and 43.87% of the population lived under the poverty level with less...


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