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« Youth in Action on Health » – Geneva Youth Call

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December 10, 2021

12 December is International Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Day and an opportunity to raise awareness on the need for strong and resilient health systems and UHC. Universal health coverage means that all people and communities receive the health services they need without facing financial hardship.

Ahead of the International Day for Universal Health Coverage, the Education and Solidarity Network (ESN) organized on 9 December 2021 an international exchange in a webinar entitled « Youth in action on Health ». The message? “All over the world, young people are already mobilizing for health for all! Together we can achieve universal health coverage! “

With the aim of sharing good practices, and in order to highlight initiatives led by young people, ESN has launched a call for applications and invited its members and partners to present in video format an initiative mobilizing young people in solidarity for health initiatives.

The Geneva Youth Call, an organization that brings together students from the University of Geneva, responded and proposed their platform which mobilizes youth around current and global issues. Their objective is to make the voice of youth heard on global issues including climate change and health. The young protagonist Emma Leeflang presented it to us in the video that you can discover below.

This initiative was also selected and presented by Emma Leeflang and Eva Luvisotto during our webinar « Youth in action on Health ».

If you are interested in this initiative and would like to know more, do not hesitate to contact them on their website or to contact us at


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