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AIM Declaration: Global access to vaccines & medicines is needed for all and at a fair price

Louise Magnard
June 11, 2021

The International Association of Mutual Benefit Societies (AIM), gathering not-for-profit insurance organisations from across the globe, mutual and public health insurance funds, will launch its calculator for fair medicines prices in Europe. At this opportunity AIM also draws the attention to the need of solidarity with regard to access to vaccines to help to overcome this pandemic.

The General Assembly of AIM, in its meeting on 10 June 2021, declares:

  1. AIM welcomes the efforts of the European Commission and the WHO in stepping up access to COVID19 vaccines across the globe;
  2. Pricing of medicine and vaccines should be an enabler to equal access to health care;
  3. Global access to vaccines is needed for all and at a fair price;
  4. No one is safe until everybody is safe;
  5. A paradigm shift is necessary in price negotiations towards fairer prices;
  6. Fair prices are a pre-condition for a solidarity-based health care systems across the world.
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