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Because Gaming is not a Waste of Time: transforming video games into a questioning experience

Adèle Bertier-Vernet
October 15, 2020

Since September 2020, ADOSEN Prévention Santé MGEN has been distributing its new educational tool, the podcast Waste of Time. Created by Marion Gaudronneau and Yohan Lecocq, two civic service volunteers, Waste of Time is a visual podcast, a mix between a podcast and a gaming video where you can see a video game being played on a screen. Its principle? Addressing social issues through video games, questioning reality through the virtual, thanks to an original format that is accessible to all. 

What are the podcasts about? Let’s take a look at the first podcast, in which Marion and Yohan introduce us to “Abzû”. This game, released in 2016, shows us the seabed and its ecosystem: the player guides a swimmer through the ocean throughout the game. It is a fascinating and exhilarating game, accessible to novices and experts alike. 

Is it a game? Yes, but it’s more than just that. At first glance, you might find this game to be of little interest because the main character has to carry out small missions and wander around aimlessly. But you must look beyond that.  

First of all, we can ponder on how small humans are in the face of the greatness, the immensity of the seabed, which remains mostly unexplored. It is also an instructional tool with opportunities to find out more about new underwater species.  

This then leads to questions about our individual responsibility as a person and our individual choices over ecology, translated by the concept of power and duty as a citizen. As the game progresses, we discover that humankind has a significant impact on the underwater ecosystem, especially at the end… 

Ecology, our relationship with time, interpreting emotions, the question of solitude… discover the Waste of Time podcasts by Adosen to discuss and debate about what video games say! 

You can now find the first episodes on YouTube. A new episode will be released each week until November 2020. 






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