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Education reform in Romania: Infinite and visionless

Education and Solidarity Network
December 19, 2016

Interview with Adrian Voica, Vice President of the Romanian Federation of Teaching Unions (Fédération des syndicats de l’enseignement de Roumanie (FSLE))

Hello Adrian, what is FSLI?

Hello, FSLI is the federation which brings together the pre-school, primary and secondary teaching unions in Romania. We have about 180,000 members throughout the country. FSLI’s aim is to defend the interests and the rights of education professionals. We also take part in amending legislation in the education domain.

How is the education system in Romania?

Not very good. Romania has had 26 education reforms since the 1990’s, or about one a year. There have been no less than 25 education ministers who each wanted to reform the system without a real political will, without adapted resources and without a long-term vision. Today the education system does not work very well. Working conditions for teachers are bad.

What are the battles facing FSLI?

Salaries. At the start of their career, a primary school teacher earns about €190 per month. The average salary in Romania is rising to about €400. At the end of their career, a teacher can hope to earn close to €530. We are also fighting to provide more opportunities for training and career development. Finally, we are denouncing the increase in administrative tasks which are given to teachers. Teaching is becoming more and more bureaucratic. All of this often causes teachers to lack motivation.

Does FSLI offer services to its members?

Of course, beyond legal assistance, the union offers a number of training opportunities: reinforcing skills, professional health and risks, staff development, study visits abroad, etc. Together with our French partner SNES and within the framework of a European programme, we have set up several regional training centres and thus trained close to 800 people in practices aiming to improve the quality of education.

Thank you Adrian.


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