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Guinea: “Health for All: Everyone for Universal Health Coverage”

Education and Solidarity Network
October 25, 2016

Access to health remains a major challenge for the Guinean population. In recent years, many initiatives have been developed by civil society organisations to reduce financial barriers which prevent many from enjoying healthcare services. The NGO ESSENTIEL, ESN member since 2015, and its partners are active in Guinea to strengthen the health system and support the development of the mutual movement.

The project Health for All aims at reinforcing the mutual movement: geographical expansion and sustainability via technical support, improvement of ICT systems, involvement of local communities, etc.

It also aims at contributing to the improvement of healthcare services delivery with the following drivers: availability of quality medicines, training or health promotion initiatives. ESSENTIAL is willing to collaborate more with ESN members on issues related to social protection for students and education communities, education to social protection, and youth mobilization. More information is available here. (FR)


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