Education and Solidarity Network

In November, we celebrated the Social and Solidarity Economy!

Education and Solidarity Network
November 30, 2018

During the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) month, which takes place in November across all French territories, the Education and Solidarity Network is keen to reiterate its commitment to SSE values: primacy of people, solidarity, cooperation, democracy and autonomy.

The ESN brings together education unions and mutual benefit societies as well as organisations and cooperatives – the traditional SSE stakeholders – who are working to achieve quality education by improving the health and well-being of education communities.

Through and outside these united structures, the ESN promotes the values inherent in the SSE and has taken on missions which help to exemplify the social and societal project implemented by the SSE stakeholders.

Together with its members, the ESN is working to promote the structures, principles and values of the SSE to education communities in France and abroad: support for the creation of a teachers’ healthcare fund in Burkina Faso, training in solidarity-basedentrepreneurship in Colombia, support for the creation of Committees for Education on Health, Citizenship and Social Welfare in schools in Haiti and even the design and hosting of participatory workshops on raising awareness about social protection.

For more information on SSE month, please see here.


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