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In Togo and Senegal: extending universal health coverage through students

Education and Solidarity Network
December 22, 2017

Both states have recently announced initiatives to provide health coverage to all students. In Senegal, enrolment will be carried out via a mutual that will enrol state school students as a priority.

“With the enrolment of students, UHC will increase significantly as we have more than three million students in Senegal. It will improve the quality of learning and correct disparities in access to healthcare for students,” explained Serigne Mbaye Thiam, Minister of Education.

In Togo, the “School Assur” initiative aims to provide social protection to two million students and schoolchildren across the whole region. Through this project, the country wants to achieve a coverage rate of 40% of the entire population.  School Assur is an insurance programme that allows for a portion of medical expenses to be reimbursed and provides compensation in the event of disability. “If we combine the School Assur programme with what has already been done, Togo will make a qualitative leap and near 40% population coverage,” said Togolese Minister of Health, Professor Moustapha Mijiyawa.



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