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Launch of an International survey on psychosocial risks at school – Please contribute!

Education and Solidarity Network
October 3, 2016

The Education and Solidarity Network and MGEN have recently put on air their Survey on psychosocial risks of education professionals. It aims at getting information on the education workers’ psychosocial risks in several countries.

The results will be processed by a data analyst, compared with data of other countries participating in the study and compiled in a report like the International Survey on The Determinants of Occupational Health for Education Professionals published in 2015.

Results will help develop a keener understanding of education professionals’ working conditions and support future actions in the field.  

In order to draw accurate conclusions from this survey, we will need to get the highest possible response rate from teaching staff, education support personal, unionists and non-unionists, young and more experienced professionals.

The survey is available in English, French and Spanish. It is available here.  Please don’t hesitate to disseminate the survey among your network. We count on you!



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