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NASUWT Annual Conference 2023

Education and Solidarity Network
April 17, 2023

This year again, the Education and Solidarity Network has been invited by its British member, the NASUWT union, to take part in its annual conference.

This event is an opportunity for the union to bring together all its activists and international partners, and to highlight the issues, needs and expectations of teachers in the UK.

Held in Glasgow, the conference was opened by the induction of the new President, Rosemary Carabine, followed by a speech by Patrick Roach, General Secretary. He took the opportunity to launch the Time for a Limit campaign, advocating for a reduction in teachers’ workloads.

Held from April 07 to 10, 2023, the conference featured many testimonials from unionists on the difficulties encountered by the profession, and highlighted their demands for improved working conditions. It was also punctuated by several award ceremonies celebrating the commitment of NASUWT activists and their international partners.

The event was an opportunity for the Education and Solidarity Network to strengthen ties with its members and meet new potential partners.

NASUWT reaffirmed its commitment to the ESN and its willingness to take an active part in its activities, notably through the I-BEST barometer.

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