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Education and Solidarity Network
January 26, 2015

The launch in September 2014 of the Network for the pilot community of young education professionals led to some interesting ideas and projects!

This pilot community,   initiated by the MGEN in France, the NEA in the United States, the  CSQ   in Canada and the THF in Australia,  aims to facilitate exchanges and the setting up of  solidarity  projects at the international level between education professionals. There are now 45 education professions who are connected via the Google+ community « Social Network for Education Professionals »An exchange of views and some interesting projects are emerging:

TRANSLATION: “In Kinshasa, it is hard to find a schoolchild with a book or coming back from a library.  We want to launch this project for a mobile library to enable schoolchildren to bet used to books, as a source of in-depth learning.”

One member of the Google+ community created an international Facebook group « Y-Tip » devoted exclusively to young  teachers (less than 5 years in the profession) for them to share their  experiences and advice on their day  to day  professional lives.

A second Facebook group  « All-UP »  has  been created, this time focused  on  modernisation  strategies  for organisations for  education professionals (trade unions,  mutual insurance societies, associations etc.) so that they can provide better support for young  teachers and education professionals in their working lives.   Trade union leaders from France, Canada, the US, as well as Senegal, have linked up to this group to exchange best practices. 

TRANSLATION: “Hello everyone 🙂 Here is the project we are going to implement for young primary school teachers. The aim is to create a space for them to exchange views between themselves and enable them to think about the trade union that we want to offer these young teachers.“

We are continuing to pass on information on these different communities among our member organisations so that more and more people come and join us!

A working group of young educators will examine the creation of the   « youth and solidarity » workshop to be held on  20 July 2015 in Ottawa, Canada, during  the General Assembly  of the Education and Solidarity Network.    The workshop will allow the young educators to make their voice heard during the 7th World Congress of Education International which starts the next day.

If you are interested and would like to have more information, you can contact the   person in charge of the Networks’s project: Danaë DESPLANQUES:  (01 40 47 24 83)

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