Education and Solidarity Network


Education and Solidarity Network
April 15, 2015

On 3 March, the Education and Solidarity Network took part in the annual meeting of Education International trade union “research coordinators”. The Network asked trade unions to take part in an international action research initiative.

The Education and Solidarity Network runs collaborative international projects on health and social protection issues. These projects, which are implemented in each country by education workers and civil society organisations, aim to benefit society as a whole. The Network organises original, international stakeholder coalitions for these projects.

The ESN is launching an action research initiative in partnership with CLEERESS to ensure the success and dissemination of these projects. The aim is to involve researchers in these field projects with a view to them joining forces with stakeholders to produce theoretical and methodological tools for social change that may be of use to others.

Action research is a social research method which has the twin aim of prompting real change and developing knowledge of this change. It involves project stakeholders in research and the knowledge acquisition process. This also works the other way with researchers becoming stakeholders who participate actively in projects.

The Network presented its international action research initiative to research coordinators at the Education International RESNET 2015 meeting. Education unions discussed their research initiatives on health-related topics such as workload surveys, stress, work/life balance, bullying etc.

They welcomed the Network’s proposal of launching a publication with the EI research institute on innovative trade union practices in the field of health at school. The Education and Solidarity Network will discuss this initiative at the Higher Education Caucus at the 7th Education International World Congress in July 2015


CLEERESS is a centre for cooperation in the public interest that campaigns for participatory action research. Its aim is to coordinate expertise and encourage innovative management of social economy and solidarity-based enterprises

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