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The EN3S launches its online platform “a season with social security”

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January 15, 2021

The EN3S, National School for Social Security (French: Ecole nationale supérieure de Sécurité sociale) just launched a brand-new program entitled “a season with Social Security”. Created in the wake of the meetings of “a day with Social Security”, this new educational device is entirely virtual and is aimed at teachers and their classes from secondary to higher education in France. Its main goal? Strengthen education for solidarity and social citizenship.

Developed as part of the partnership between the EN3S and the French Ministry of National Education, the platform “a season with social security” aims to raise awareness among younger generations of social protection and social citizenship matters. To this end, it provides a whole series of webinars and offers free access to educational resources to the public all year round. 8 topics are proposed:

·         Social Security, what’s that?:going back to the cornerstones of Social Security, its missions, its values, and its challenges.

·         Rights, procedures and health prevention: resources to better understand the rights and procedures in the field of health and interventions by professionals to have support in their personal health prevention.

·         Me and my job:interactive online games to understand the importance of being reported, the role of social contributions, the obligations related to the creation of a business for a young entrepreneur.

·        Retirement and intergenerational solidarity:activities and resources to understand the main principles of retirement, its challenges, and how it works in concrete terms.

·       Personal data protection: raising awareness of the challenges and good practices regarding protection of personal data.

·         Youth commitment in rural areas: a webinar to raise awareness and mobilise young people on how they can be players in their local areas on social issues of their daily lives.

·         Working at the Social Security:a webinar and resources to discover the Social Security employer, the diversity of its jobs, access and career paths.

·         The family branch supports young people:introduce pupils to the services dedicated to them as well as the missions and jobs of social centres.

For more information, visit the website.

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