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The international association of healthcare mutuals adopts position about social rights

Education and Solidarity Network
February 24, 2017

The International Association of healthcare mutuals (AIM) has adopted a position on the European Pillar of Social Rights, a European reference framework which will screen the employment and social performance of Member states and drive reforms at national level.

In the position paper, AIM members see strong compulsory health insurance and private-not-for-profit insurances based on solidarity and democracy as some of the most pressing social priorities for the European Union. Healthcare mutuals plead for strong collaboration at EU level to ensure sustainable access to good quality healthcare.

AIM president, Christian Zahn declared: “Social rights undoubtedly contribute to the economic growth of the European Union. However, we must never forget our core values and remember that human rights are not a condition to growth, but rather an objective themselves… They are Europe’s most important targets.”

The position is available here.


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