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The Pass and ESSENTIEL join forces for the training of elected representatives of the mutualist movement and field technicians in Benin and Guinea

Education and Solidarity Network
February 3, 2021

By Essentiel International

As part of the partnership agreement signed in October 2020, the Pass and ESSENTIEL are working together on a major project to promote health coverage in Benin and Guinea called: Coordinating Actors for the Promotion of Universal Health Coverage (Cap-Csu).

Through this project, the two structures aim to succeed in equipping local actors from social protection sectors, through training, gender promotion, and the sharing of experience.

The first phase is the creation by the PASS of 5 training modules intended for elected representatives of the mutualist movement and technicians in charge of the project in the field. These training tools take into account the specific context of Guinean and Beninese community mutual insurance companies.

They focus more specifically on the introduction to key concepts of social protection, the structure of the mutualist movement in the context of Universal Health Coverage or the creation, governance, and management of a mutual insurance company.

These modules are elaborated by the PASS involving ESSENTIEL in each phase in order to adapt the content as close as possible to the needs of supported mutual insurance companies. They will be ready and delivered in the first quarter of 2021.

It should be noted that this project is only the first step in the collaboration between the two entities. Indeed, through the signing of a partnership agreement last October, the two entities decided to seek synergies on joint actions and areas where they intervene, to organise regular meetings or joint missions, to share documents and information on the local and national context that could contribute to the objectives pursued by each of them, and finally to provide joint support to local partners (institutional support and advocacy, etc.) .


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