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US: School-Based Health Centres contribute to improve access to healthcare

Education and Solidarity Network
October 24, 2016

In the US, School-Based Health Care (SBHCs) are located on or near a school’s property. They provide a combination of primary and mental care but also substance abuse counselling, nutrition education, health education and health promotion activities.

The 2,000 SBHCs over the country play an important role in promoting healthy behaviours habits in students. By having a good insight of health status of students, they are able to support the administration in identifying health issues and implementing health promotion initiatives.

While improving access to healthcare for low-income students, SBHCs are also know to positively impact absences, dropout rates, disciplinary problems, and attendance.

With the Affordable Care Act, SBHCs have received an extra $200 million grant for expanding and delivering services. More information is available here.


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