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Young trade union teachers mobilize for quality education

Education and Solidarity Network
September 13, 2017

In response to an invitation from Education International, 50 young trade unionists from the four corners of the world gathered together in Brussels to exchange their news and affirm their attachment to quality public education accessible to all.

The participants discussed training, early career support, recruitment, participation of civil society in sustainable development goals and the privatization of education.

They also talked about youth engagement in unions and their ability to move the lines. Several recommendations were made to continue with the mobilization, including the creation of a platform to share the experiences of young teachers and the organization of other gatherings of young unionist.

On the sidelines of this workshop, the ESN met Wandera Farooque, youth national representative from the Ugandan trade union UNATU. The opportunity to exchange the latest news on the ESN and the UNATU as well as the possibilities for collaboration around the issues of health and well-being of educational and youth mobilization in Uganda. The ESN had been invited last December to participate in the national UNATU congress bringing together more than 650 delegates, thereby reinforcing the solidarity and friendship connections between our two organizations.

“Young people are a formidable force that can build the world we desire. Education International (EI) came in handy to harness the power in young people in order to promote and achieve SGDs. The just concluded meeting in Brussels for EI Young SDG Advocates was a great milestone in mobilizing and arousing the interest of young unionists. “

Wandera Farooque, National Youth Representative at UNATU



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