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Creation of the ESN working group on social protection education

Education and Solidarity Network
January 21, 2021

Initiated in 2020, the working group provides an opportunity to discuss good practices between organisations realising education and awareness actions about citizenship and social protection.

The challenge of the “social protection education” working group is to make connections between the initiatives of member organisations and partners of the Network, improve and enhance their approaches, generate synergy or bring them closer together around common projects. The working group was born a day of pooling on the theme of “youth engagement for social protection” which was held in early March 2020. Discussions centred on several issues: how to explain the history of social security and how does it work? How to motivate the younger generations to take an interest in social protection, which is present on a daily basis, at all stages of life? How to make it clear that social protection systems are the result of struggles, and that they must be implemented or defended in many countries?

Educational game “Social Security, what’s that?”

Following the first meetings, several member organisations of the ESN decided to work together on the adaptation of an educational game on social protection. In 2008, the association Latitudes Jeunes  created the game “social security” in order to promote social protection among young people over the age of 15. It is used throughout the French-speaking territory of Belgium, in schools, youth associations, or unions.  The ENS3Latitudes Jeunes  and Essentiel International offer today to update the game and develop it in various countries, including France.

Educational resources of the Network

The working group provides a privileged place to discuss various educational tools or devices for organisations in the field of social protection. Members are also required to create other educational resources for collective intelligence activities, including a photolanguage and a quiz, to further develop the Network’s toolkit.

For more information or to attend future meetings, you can contact the ESN secretary on:


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