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March 2, 2015

At the end of February, a mission to Haiti launched the second   phase of  PROCEDH.  The mission  had two  objectives: first  to  analyse the needs of  the populations in the  target territories; second to hold  a meeting of the  steering  committee to work out the calendar of activities for the first  year. 

The PROCEDH (Programme Collectif pour le Développement et le Dialogue Social en Haïti) (Collective Programme for Development and Dialogue in Haiti) is a programme  initiated  by  Solidarité Laïque and  education stakeholders in France and Haiti.  During the first phase of the programme, the Education and Solidarity Network contributed to the section on «social protection education» for teachers, and «solidarity education» for pupils, together with the CIESS (Centro Interamericano de Estudios de Seguridad Social/Inter-American Centre for Social Security Studies), based in Mexico and  a  member of  the ESN. The MGEN, a founding member of the Network, was involved in the section on “health, hygiene and sex education”. 

The second phase of PROCEDH will focus on the same areas as the first: formal education; youth and popular education; the dialogue between the State and civil society; health and social protection.   The aim will be to develop the activities carried out in the pilot territories   with a view to designing territorial educational projects covering many actors and many themes.  Local stakeholders will be consulted through consultation mechanisms.  There will be an integrated, across-the-board approach to the four areas of activity.

During this launch mission, the delegations – which included Anne-Marie HARSTER, vice-president of Solidarité Laïque and the MGEN’s representative – went to the three pilot areas:   Port-au-Prince (in the Western department), Jérémie and  Dame-Marie (Grand’Anse). While there they met local educations stakeholders:  teachers’ unions and associations, pupils’ associations and pupils’ parents, as well as the local authorities and State representatives.   In Port-au-Prince, they visited two secondary schools that played a key  role in the first phase of PROCEDH – on health education, social protection solidarity.

After that there was a meeting of the PROCEDH 2 steering committee for a debriefing on the territorial analyses and the main lines of work sketched out.  A new theme seemed to have emerged:  sustainable development and international solidarity education.  The territorial analysis for Gonaïves is still to be done.

The calendar for the first year of PROCEDH 2, from February 2015 to February 2016 has been finalised.  The next stage will be the organisation of public forums in the four target territories in order to open up the analysis to other stakeholders who have not yet been identified. Consultation mechanisms will begin around June-July 2015, and   the education projects   should  get started  between now  and January 2016

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