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Implementation of the project “Health Promotion in Pandemics” in partnership with the Alliance for Health Promotion and Health Nexus

Education and Solidarity Network
September 14, 2021

The ESN is contributing to the setting up and running of a project focused on the promotion of the health and well-being of young people in Geneva aged between 15 and 25. It was developed in partnership with theAlliance for Health Promotion (Switzerland) and Health Nexus (Canada) and its ambition is to encourage the engagement of young people on issues of health.

“Health Promotion in Pandemics” is a project supported and financed by the Directorate General for Health of the Canton of Geneva.

It centres around 4 main activities:

  • The creation of opportunities to build relationships and to network, connecting the Alliance, Health Nexus and the ESN to educational organisations (educational institutions and youth associations) based in Geneva.
  • The development of a database of international experts in health promotion based in Geneva from the members and partners of participating organisations.
  • The evaluation of the needs in health promotion within target populations through targeted surveys and environmental analyses.

For this purpose, a questionnaire for the attention of experts in health promotion has been put online. We invite you to respond to it via:

  • The production of a webinar in autumn 2021 based on the promotion of health, well-being and mental health, which will target issues reflected by the analysis of the survey results.

At the end of this first phase of implementation, the partners of the project foresee a scale-up involving the development of an interactive platform to provide young people and their teachers with resources and other useful information. Discussions have also taken place with the WHO to explore avenues for collaboration on this issue.


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