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Release of Stéréotypes-Stéréomeufs season 3

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January 21, 2021

The third season of the web series Stéréotypes-Stéréomeufs realised by ADOSEN Prévention Santé – MGEN was released! This campaign raises awareness of equality by shattering stereotypes and is aimed at the school community. It includes new tools such as a web series directed with ARTE and its complete teacher’s guide (free download on the website) with ready-to-use activities, which are intended to be carried out in class.

This third season deals with topical social issues such as emotional and sexual life, violence against women and friends and family relationships. It gives the opportunity to discuss these topics with the citizens of tomorrow while giving them the necessary elements and information to think on their own and draw their own conclusions. The first episode was conceived by the pupils who won the script contest of the Lycée Arthur Varoquaux (Tomblaine), the Collège Eugène Thomas (Le Quesnoy) and the Collège Mortaix (Pont-du-Château).

Launched in September 2018 and updated every year, the campaign Stéréotypes Stéréomeufs aims to raise awareness of the issue of equality between women and men from an early age by targeting primarily pupils of secondary education. With the desire to promote secularism as a leverage for the emancipation of young people in school, ADOSEN is committed to fighting for equality between women and men with a bias: to shatter gender-based stereotypes.

The campaign Stéréotypes Stéréomeufs was thus conceived as a complete educational tool based on a digital medium, aimed at raising awareness and promoting equality between girls and boys, women and men, in all areas of daily life (work environment, educational guidance, private life, etc.). Stéréotypes Stéréomeufs aspires to be a trigger for a radical change in attitudes and behaviours regarding gender equality. Thus, the main objective of the campaign is to make the young people an ambassador for gender equality. The campaign benefited more than 250,000 pupils, reached 737,817 views on YouTube and 36,500 downloads of teacher’s guides.


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