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France | Support for carers, a priority for MGEN and the VYV group

Hawa Fatty
July 20, 2021

The VYV Group – to which MGEN belongs – is the leading mutual organisation in France and is mobilising to respond to the needs of its members through the deployment of actions based on “moments in the lives of carers”. The aim is to help improve the daily lives of people who have lost their independence or are dependent on others, while supporting their carers.

Mylène Bonnel and François Chabrissoux (MGEN administrators) shared the group’s strategy on the issue of care during the webinar ” Solidarity Initiatives of the Education and Solidarity Network ” organised on 13 July 2021.

According to the data collected by the group, there are currently nearly 11 million French people who help a dependent and/or disabled person and who are part of their close circle or chosen by the person. Since 2019, the VYV entities (including MGEN) have been working to provide concrete solutions for carers to support them in their daily role.

With the documentary “Les aidants” (the carers), which trailer was shown during the ESN webinar, the VYV Group succeeded in raising the awareness of more than one million viewers on this major social issue.

François Chabrissoux points out that nearly 60% of these carers are women, in professional activity, and that more than 50% of them are not aware of their situation as carers, which prevents them from applying for the aid and services to which they are entitled.

The “proche des aidants” programme therefore offers a personalised support and a comprehensive response to the issue of care. Through a range of services available from their facilities and platforms, MGEN and other mutualist organisations in the group direct people in need of assistance to existing public services and then to their various offers on the subject.

For example,” says Mylène Bonnel, “MGEN has implemented the ”balluchonnage” in the rural areas of Limousin (central France). This is a programme designed to help elderly people who wish to remain at home and the carers who are needed in this type of situation. Imported from Quebec, it consists of having a health professional move into the home of the person being cared for and thus provide a relief for the carer.

There are thus many schemes that help to promote access to rights for carers while improving the health care of mutual members and compensating for the loss of autonomy of those being cared for.

Find out more about this topic on the VYV group website and the MGEN website.


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