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Charter schools: Treat kids like pizza, you could destroy their entire life

Education and Solidarity Network
September 23, 2016

America famous journalist John Oliver dedicated his weekly TV show to Charter Schools. Charter schools in the United States offer primary or secondary education they are private organisations, mainly financed by public money but subject to fewer rules, regulations than public schools. There are both anon-profit and for-profit charter schools.

Even if they get support from American political parties, both democrats and republicans, charter schools have come under fire mainly because they are said to blur the line from what it means to be funded by public money but managed by private individuals. This hybrid organisation has lead in the past to several problems: accounting imbroglio, improvised closures during school year, conflicts of interests or financial scandals.  There are an estimated 6,800 charter schools in 42 states with approximately 3 million students. Authorisation and monitoring procedures of charter schools are more or less strict according to states but cannot avoid failures. Many voices have risen against the unregulated privatisation of American education system arguing that schools are not regular businesses and there needs to be some filter as to who’s opening up these charter schools. Video is available here.



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