Education and Solidarity Network


Education and Solidarity Network
September 22, 2016

In late December 2015, the Education and Solidarity Network held its Executive Committee and Board of Directors meeting. The aim: to develop a works programme for the years 2016-2019, based on work collectively undertaken in Ottawa in July 2015.

Ottawa was a positive and exciting moment, with a vote for an ambitious programme. But how can this new dynamic best be managed? For the member organisations of the ESN, it is important that the ESN is capable of

●      finding new sources of income

●      communicating better about the added value of the network

●      “facilitating” rather than “doing”

Effectively, the ESN should “share”, “transfer” and “build on” pre-existing initiatives and tools within member organisations in different countries. The ESN should be a space in which to “exchange and share” rather than “create from nothing”.

In addition, creating a strategic committee and a youth caucus are considered priorities.

Finally, in terms of governance, the ESN has difficulties with bringing together all of its members. Bilateral exchanges and informal consultations should be increased between different bodies, in order to establish a more regular flow of communication. However, the ESN should also continue to participate in and organise events and meetings as and when opportunities present themselves, as these are essential and positive moments.


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