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[PROJECT] The F’Acteurs Santé tool is ‘wilkommen’ in Germany!

Education and Solidarity Network
September 22, 2016

The Willy Brandt School in Kassel, Hesse, was the venue for an initial pilot committee meeting in Germany, attended by a dozen people.

Participants included: leaders and members of the education community at Willy Brandt, representatives from AOK, one of the major health insurance companies at national level, representatives from MGEN and also a representative from the administrative district, with whom there has already been international collaboration in the past and who will be in charge of coordinating the project at local level.

At the end, participants agreed to test the “well-being” section of the F’Acteurs Santé tool on one class. 

Next meeting set for 2016 for project follow-up,

Bis bald!


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