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Using photography for positive social change

Education and Solidarity Network
May 14, 2018

PhotoVoice is an award-winning charity that uses photography for positive social change. Working in partnership with other organisations, communities, it builds skills and capacity of under-represented and at-risk communities. At the same time, it offers marginalised communities an opportunity to share their perspectives and input into discussions that are often about them. Through their own images, our previous participants have shed light on issues such as climate change, HIV, disability, trafficking and conflict, amongst many others.

One recent project Having Our Say3, worked with young people affected by or at risk of sexual exploitation. One of PhotoVoice’s most successful projects, it prioritises the importance and value of young people’s contribution to services which they and their peers receive. Through a dedicated resource aimed at the social workers and others, it is helping other young people to discuss important issues around relationships, mental health and abuse – supporting recovery and prevention. Find out more about the project here.


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