Education and Solidarity Network


Education and Solidarity Network
September 17, 2015

 During the 7th World Congress of Education International,  the Network distributed a “mobilisation kit” to participants. This box included resources for actions to be carried out through the world in terms of health and social protection and for the educational community. All of these resources are accessible online and can be downloaded in digital copy from the Network’s website.

Several member organisations of the Network as well as the African education unions gathered together at the 2015 Regional Conference of EI in Nairobi had suggested that, for health and social protection issues, the Network be the organisation responsible for:

  • generating knowledge;

  • sharing experiences and good practices;

  • raising awareness, training and supporting stakeholders.

Since then, the Network has launched several initiatives in order to collect and provide its members with information and documentation.


A toolbox was created in order to present not only the members and the projects of the Network, but also the actions carried out by its members and partners in terms of health and social protection. The objective of this toolbox is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experiences by centralising the data on an online platform and in a uniform (file) format.

To consult the files, click on the “toolbox” tab on the website.


In order to promote the success of the Network’s projects and their spin-offs, the NETWORK launched a research-action initiative, in partnership with CLEERESS. The objective is to involve researchers in these field projects, so that they can produce, with the stakeholders, theoretical and methodological tools for social transformation which could be of use to others.


The Network is developing expertise in collective intelligence in order to be able to organise collaborative workshops that raise awareness, mobilise and promote the sharing of experiences and good practices during meetings organised by its members. The experience of the Open Forum in Ottawa in July 2015 was a good example of this.


Retrouvez toutes les photos du Forum Ouvert et des ateliers sur la page Facebook du Réseau !


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